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Ton Duffhues, Postdoc Researcher Utrecht University


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Ton Duffhues studied cultural and social antropology with a specialisation on agrarian economics, and  the social and cultural development of rural Europe. After finishing his thesis on social movements he published a book about the history of farmers organisations and started to work for the Southern Agricultural and Horticultural Organisation (ZLTO) as ‘specialist agriculture and society’. The main subjects in his work for ZLTO were: vision on farming and food, future strategy of ZLTO as a farmers organisation, ethics and values of farming, reconnecting farming and society, international cooperation of farmers, old and new forms of cooperation. In the meantime he wrote a book on ‘farmers wisdom’, edited the memoires of one of the founders of Rabobank and wrote a historical monography of 200 years Achmea, the biggest insurance cooperative in The Netherlands. In my work for the ICA Research Team Ton will connect his interdisciplinary orientation and practical experiences with different kinds of collective action in the field of farmers, rural society, and mutuals.

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