Job Opportunities SCOOP - deadline June 22, 2018

11 PhD and 2 postdoc positions ‘Sustainable Cooperation’ (SCOOP)


SCOOP, a research and training center dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of sustainable cooperation as a key feature of resilient societies, is now inviting applications for 11 PhD positions (four years). In addition, there are vacancies for two postdoc positions (two years).


The center connects research groups from sociology, psychology, history, philosophy, public administration, research methods, and statistics. In May 2017, the research program ‘Sustainable Cooperation – Roadmaps to a Resilient Society’ was awarded a research grant in the NWO Gravitation program. The SCOOP program is carried out in a total of 60 PhD projects at the universities of Groningen and Utrecht, but also at Amsterdam VU, Rotterdam, and Nijmegen.


The interdisciplinary PhD projects are:


Vacancy 1: The Provision of Care: Decentralization and Cooperation

Vacancy 2: Volunteering for Helping refugees in the Netherlands: Building a common identity

Vacancy 3: Connecting Organizational Stakeholders: Corporate Values and Business Practices

Vacancy 4: Shared Values as a Means to Resolve Identity Conflicts

Vacancy 5: Secure and Precarious Employment and Cooperative Tendencies in Workplaces

Vacancy 6: Collaborations Between Schools and Workplaces across two Centuries

Vacancy 7: Social Networks and Prosocial Work Behaviour of Men and Women

Vacancy 8: The CEO and the Employee: a Widening Gap?

Vacancy 9: Reconciling Employee Interests: Migrant Workers’ Workplace Participation

Vacancy 10: Platform Cooperatives: Are User-Owned and User-Governed Platforms Viable?

Vacancy 11: Mobilizing Households for a Sustainable Energy Transition

The two Postdoc projects are:

Vacancy 1: Designing Social Network Interventions for Sustainable Joint Production in a Diverse Team

Vacancy 2: Addressing Intergroup Inequality by Invoking the Moral Responsibility of the Powerful

Extensive information on the SCOOP program and the available PhD projects can be found on the SCOOP website:


Applications, online only through the University of Groningen website, can be submitted up to and including June 22nd, 2018. Interviews will be conducted on August 30 and 31, 2018.