New team members

 Posted on: 2/12/2021

Research team Institutions for Collective Action is still expanding. On 1 December visiting PhD candidate Yifei Ma and community researcher Jeroen Boon started with our team. Yifei is working on forms of collective action in China. Jeroen will strenghthen our CollectieveKracht team. Welcome to them both!


Our team presents... Coline Serres

 Posted on: 1/12/2021

In the 2nd episode of 'Our team presents...' we introduce our postdoctoral researcher Coline Serres. Who is this cheerful management expert who moved from France to Belgium to the Netherlands? And what does she know about the governance of social enterprises? Read further...


30 November: inspirational talk by professor Cristina Grasseni

 Posted on: 30/11/2021

On 30 November, anthropologist professor Cristina Grasseni from Leiden University joined our team meeting to give a lively talk about networks of people who organize direct food production and food distribution in three different cities: Turin, Gdansk and Rotterdam. Next week we discuss the phenomenon of social enterprise with two researcher: Adrien Billiet and Marco Lomuscio.


25 November: Forum 'A Call for Courageous Leadership. Transforming Business Performance for People, Planet and Profit'

 Reposted on: 23/11/2021

On the 25th of November, 1-6PM (CET) the Center for the Economics of Mutuality Forum takes place, titled 'A Call for Courageous Leadership. Transforming business Performance for People, Planet and Profit', about the necessary redefinition of the role of business, to benefit both people and planet. With Bruno Roche, Jan Peter Balkenende, Muriel Arts, Marlies van Wijhe and Tine De Moor. For more information and registration, see the organizer's website.


26 November: 'Coping through cooperation? Institutions for Collective Action in crises in past and present'

 Posted on: 22/11/2021

On Friday 26 November 14PM (CET) Tine De Moor​ talks at the SPRU Friday seminar of University of Sussex Business School about the changes in past and present that have brought about change in the governance of resources and what these could mean in the light of the challenges we are facing today. For more information and registration, visit the SPRU Eventbrite page.


16 November: talk by Véronique De Herde

 Posted on: 16/11/2021

During an inspiring session with Véronique De Herde from Université catholique de Louvain research team Social Enterprise and Institutions for Collective Action went from the historical development of cooperatives and the impact of new cooperative models on the diversification of dairy productions to the applicability to other sectors and a more theoretical framework. Next week, professor Josephine van Zeben will be our guest.


9 November: first meeting of the CollectieveKracht Finance lab

 Posted on: 11/11/2021

On 9 November a group of financiers considered the question how the CollectieveKracht knowledge platform can support both citizen collectives and financial institutions, meeting the challenges that both parties face. ICA team member Max de Vriend presented some results of his research and of the report Krachtiger als Collectief.


9 November: talk by Marco Casari

 Posted on: 11/11/2021

Marco Casari from the University of Bologna shared some interesting results of his longitudinal research of commons in the Italian Alps with the research team Social Enterprise and Institutions for Collective Action, together with his colleagues Maurizio Lisciandra and Ali Saral. Afterwards, we had an compelling discussion. Our visitor next week is bioengineer and historian Véronique de Herde.


New: series of interviews with our team members

 Posted on: 9/11/2021

Interdisciplinarity is an important feature of the research group Social Enterprise and Institutions for Collective Action. To show the diversity within our own group we started a series of interviews with the team members. Historian Grant Halliday is the first one to introduce himself. Read further...


29 October: inspirational session about care communities in The Netherlands

 Posted on: 1/11/2021

On 29 October, Nederland Zorgt Voor Elkaar (NLZVE), KNHM Foundation and Triodos Bank organized an inspirational session about and with care communities throughout the Netherlands. In presence of King Willem-Alexander and chaired by Tine De Moor, Jitske Kramer gave a keynote lecture, followed by several workshops.


Inspirational talk: the legal context of social enterprises

 Posted on: 26/10/2021

On 26 October research group Social Enterprise and Institutions for Collective Action had a stimulating talk by and discussion with Sjoerd Kamerbeek, lawyer at Van Doorne. Main topics: what can for-profit-enterprises learn from social enterprises and to what extend does the legal context of social entrepreneurship matter?


28 oktober: duurzaamheidssymposium in Het Kruispunt, Barendrecht (Dutch due to scope)

 Posted on: 22/10/2021

Op 28 oktober van 13:00 tot 16:30 uur vindt in Het Kruispunt in Barendrecht een duurzaamheidssymposium over de circulaire economie plaats, met bijdragen van prof. Rob van Tulder, prof. Tine De Moor en ir. Sander Wapperom. Zie voor meer informatie en inschrijving de website van De Bibliotheek AanZet.


Essay: De gemeenschap is niet van gisteren: gedachte-experiment over de rol van zelforganisatie door burgercollectieven in de post-coronasamenleving (Dutch due to scope)

 Posted on: 19/10/2021

Op vrijdag 15 oktober nam Koen Matthijs afscheid als hoogleraar in de Sociologie aan de KU Leuven. Bij deze gelegenheid kreeg hij een huldeboek aangeboden met essays van (oud-)collega's: Neurotische Twijfelzucht en Heilige Verwondering. Tine De Moor en Ton Duffhues wijdden in hun bijdrage 'De gemeenschap is niet van gisteren' een gedachte-experiment aan de rol van zelforganisatie door burgercollectieven in de post-coronasamenleving.


Meet our new team members!

 Posted on: 18/10/2021

We welcome George Varthalamis and Grant Halliday, who joined us as research interns. George is a food scientist and MBA who will look into the life cycle of agricultural cooperatives and the co-creation of sustainable collective businesses. Grant is a historian, focusing on the evolution of fishing cooperatives throughout western Europe. Visit our team page for more information.


Presentation on member participation in digital cooperatives

 Posted on: 14/10/2021

On 28 October Damion Bunders will present a paper in the PhD Symposium The future of the platform economy and platform work, titled: 'Member participation in digital cooperatives: Silicon law of oligarchy or democratic disruptor? For more information and registration, visit the organizer's website.


Vacancy: Community researcher with experience in citizen collectives or cooperatives (in Dutch due to scope)

 Posted on: 12/10/2021

Gezocht: community researcher met kennis van burgercollectieven en coöperaties. Weet je hoe wetenschappelijk onderzoek werkt, ben je communicatief sterk in woord en geschrift en kun je goed in teamverband werken? Dan zijn wij op zoek naar jou, voor het uitbouwen van het CollectieveKracht kennisplatform. Bekijk de hele vacature op de website van Rotterdam School of Management.


Article: Networks and new mutualism: how embeddedness influences commitment and trust in small mutuals

 Posted on: 5/10/2021

New mutuals fill the social insurance gaps that state and market left open. Zooming in on network structures and interconnections within the mutuals, Eva Vriens, Vincent Buskens and Tine De Moor give insight in the role of embeddedness in these organizations to engender trust and commitment. Read the entire article in Social Economic Review.


Article: Taking sanctioning seriously: The impact of sanctions on the resilience of historical commons in Europe

 Posted on: 4/10/2021

In a new article an interdisciplinary group of scholars challenge the image that sanctioning is an all-important mechanism to prevent the overuse of common-pool resources. Instead, De Moor and others argue that it depends on many different factors whether sanctioning is a useful tool or not. Read the entire article in the Journal of Rural Studies here.


Interview with Eva Vriens about bread funds (in Dutch)

 Posted on: 24/9/2021

Bread funds are a modern type of mutual insurance for self-employed persons. Damion Bunders interviewed Eva Vriens, who conducted research on bread funds, on the success factors and challenges of these institutions for collective action and the role of the government. Read the entire interview (in Dutch) here.