Pouya Janghorban joins SCENSUS project

Research group Social Enterprises & Institutions for Collective Actions welcomes PhD candidate Pouya Janghorban. He will join the SCENSUS project under the supervision of Dr Thomas Bauwens. In this role, he will be studying the influence of social network structures on the scaling process of community enterprises.

Pouya is an Erasmus Mundus graduate of MSc. Transition, Innovation, and Sustainability Environments (TISE) and has a BSc in Physics from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran. He has previous experience in EU policy consulting during an internship in Brussels. Prior to joining RSM, Pouya worked as a student research assistant at Reiner Lemoine Institut (RLI) in Berlin where he worked on the PeopleSuN development research project for Nigeria.

Welcome! See his profile page for more information.