Marianne Groep-Foncke

Marianne Groep-Foncke – Research officer


After obtaining her master’s degree in History at Leiden University in 1998, Marianne worked in the corporate sector for more than a decade. In 2006, she set up her own small business as a text writer and editor. Being the author and editor-in-chief of several popular historical books eventually lured her back to science. In 2016 she enrolled as a self-funded PhD candidate at the Amsterdam School of Historical Studies, University of Amsterdam. There, she studied negotiation and cooperation mechanisms in 17th-century Hollandish cities by looking at people’s daily encounters with water. One of her main findings was that – independently from institutions such as guilds and neighbourhood organizations – early modern city dwellers engaged in constantly shifting ad hoc associations. She graduated as a PhD in 2021. In the same year, she started as the research officer of the ICA research team.

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