Arthur Feinberg

Arthur Feinberg – Postdoctoral researcher


Arthur graduated in 2014 as an environmental engineer from EPFL (Switzerland). There, he experimented with novel usages of a snow cover model to estimate soil temperatures in threatened ecosystems. At the University of Utrecht, he developed practical methods for evaluating the biodiversity of Dutch grasslands. He acquired a growing interest in community initiatives, notably those active in the protection of urban biodiversity, while working for six months as a technology developer in an ETH Zurich spin-off. He then took the opportunity of a PhD research at TU Delft to further investigate collective action and behaviour dynamics in the urban commons. What are the potential pathways for communities to increase their social resilience when collectively nurturing such resources? Later, he worked as a civil servant in France, supporting citizen initiatives in rural and mountain areas through subsidies and by setting up an active network of such initiatives. In March 2023, he joined RSM as a Postdoc researcher, involved with (1) further developing the CollectieveKracht platform of citizen initiatives and (2) studying social community enterprises in the Netherlands within the SCENTISS project.


  • Urban commons
  • Community resilience
  • Institutional analysis
  • Behavioural economics
  • Agent-based models
  • Quantitative methods

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