Open Seminar Talk: David Soto-Oñate (UVIGO)

On November 28, 2023 as part of our Open Seminar Series, visiting fellow dr. David Soto-Oñate from the University of Vigo presented a work in progress called “A polycentric approach for a post-growth social order”. This project attempts to elaborate a theoretical framework on the intersection between the post-growth universe and polycentric governance. He invited the attendees to a collective deliberation on what this intersection could be and how to approach it theoretically.

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Open Seminar Talk: Max Harleman (GCSU)

On October 31, 2023 as part of our Open Seminar Series, Dr. Max Harleman from Georgia College & State University presented an early draft of his paper entitled Can Collective Action Institutions Outperform the State? Evidence from Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage. The paper is motivated by the fact that relatively few studies examine how collective action institutions perform relative to the state at providing public goods, and they fail to account for the possibility that the state might self-select into providing public goods in the most challenging contexts. If this were the case, finding that the state performs worse than collective institutions could reflect its more challenging context rather than differences in knowledge, skill, or motivation.

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On May 16 May, Dr. Anastasia Sergeeva (RSM) was our guest in the open seminar series. She presented her paper ‘Value-based Trust as a Shift Parameter for Collective Organizing: The Case of Magnum Photos’. The study examines Magnum Photos, a cooperative of freelance photographers, highlighting how shared values can promote non-calculative trust, mitigate opportunism, and encourage innovation in industries with measurement problems.

Open seminar talk by Sverker Jagers

On 24 January Prof. Sverker Jagers, professor at the University of Gothenburg and director of CeCAR (Centre for Collective Action Research), gave a very captivating presentation on “Climate change, collective action and the need for applied environmental social science”. His research focuses on various aspects of environmental politics, from public opinion to institutional theory.

Open seminar talk by Agata Zborowska

Dr. Agata Zborowska was our guest in our open seminar series on Tuesday 10 January, 10AM (CEST). Zborowska is a researcher at the Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw, Poland. Her research interests lay in material culture, property relations, critical theory, and cultural history of the 20th century. She is currently working on the experience of ownership changes in socialist and post-socialist transitions in Poland.