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Workshop: Public Goods in History

February 9 @ 09:00 17:00

The Oxford Centre for Economic and Social History organizes the workshop ‘Non-rivalrous, non-excludable: an interdisciplinary workshop on the evolution of public goods in history’. It explores the evolution of public goods and how their provision is shaped by institutions and norms over time. 

Economists have defined public goods as resources whose consumption by one individual does not diminish their availability to others, while also being accessible to all, regardless of their contribution to provision. However, the traditional lens often falls short in explaining how societies cooperate to provide public goods, a topic of increasing relevance in the face of contemporary challenges in public health and environmental sustainability. These issues highlight the urgency of understanding the provision of non-market public goods.

Speakers: Avner Offer, Tine De Moor, Sheila Pugh, David Gawkrdoger, Cesare Vagge, Joost Haddinga, Louis Henderson, and Victoria Gierok.

Details: This event is on February 9th, 2024 from 9am-5pm (GMT). It takes place in the Memorial Room of Jesus College Oxford.