The Knowledge Platform CollectieveKracht facilitates the mutual exchange of knowledge and expertise that may help citizens’ collectives to become dynamic and resilient organizations. The Knowledge Platform CollectieveKracht links citizens’ collectives from a wide range of sectors, regardless of their stage of development. The platform is primarily based on the need for knowledge as indicated by the citizens’ collectives themselves.

The Knowledge Platform CollectieveKracht is based on the existing cooperation between the Research Team Social Enterprise & Institutions for Collective Action, led by prof. Tine De Moor and a firm base of  citizens’ collectives from a wide range of societal sectors.

Successful citizens’ collectives are often burdened by questionnaires and press. CollectieveKracht brings researchers and other stakeholders together, canalizing the requests sent to citizens’ collectives. The knowledge platform offers citizens’ collectives and their network organizations a unique opportunity to address specific issues to three ‘partner labs’, networks comprising academics as well as representatives of both financial and governmental institutions.

The cornerstone of the CollectieveKracht knowledge platform was laid by combined qualitative research and interviews among citizen collectives, resulting in the report ‘Krachtiger als collectief’ (More powerful as a collective, 2019). The findings of the research formed the basis of the knowledge platform. Its main goal is to improve the circulation of knowledge of and about (the functioning of) citizen collectives and to engage stakeholders in conversation, regardless of the sectors in which they are active.

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Overview of plenary CollectieveKracht meetings