Working visits to citizen collectives

On 20 and 21 May research group ICA paid visits to several citizen collectivities in Flanders. First, Henk Mol spoke about the Buren of the Abdij (Neighbours of the Abbey) in Ghent, which aims at the preservation of cultural heritage, green space and social encounters. Then, Thomas Blondeel explained the ins and outs of Smart cooperative, which supports entrepreneurs, especially in the cultural sector. Here, Damion Bunders presented the preliminary results of his research on worker cooperatives. On 21 May a delegation of the research group traveled to the Gemene and Loweiden in Assebroek (West Flanders). Chief Marc Vandepitte and Tine De Moor told the audience about the common, a well-functioning collective in which citizens have organized the management of the land for about 600 years.