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Highlights from 2023

Highlights from 2022

  • Nacht of CollectieveKracht
    On 16 September the first physical event of CollectieveKracht took place: ‘de Nacht van CollectieveKracht’. Look back on this interesting evening by watching the aftermovie on Youtube. Were you not able to attend the event? Or would you like to revisit the topics discussed? Our website features recordings, cartoons and reports (in Dutch) from the … Read more
  • Paper on the effect of preference deviation and social embeddedness on member commitment on cooperatives
    Agnes Akkerman and our team member Damion Bunders published their paper “Commitment issues? Analysing the effect of preference deviation and social embeddedness on member commitment to worker cooperatives in the gig economy” in Economic and Industrial Democracy. It’s open access and can be found here.
  • Does the history of commons repeat itself? by Tine De Moor
    On 21 April, professor Tine De Moor gave a lecture in the Commons Program at the Ostrom Workshop in Bloomington, Indiana. The lecture, titled “Does the History of the Commons Repeat Itself? Building a Taxonomy of Institutions for Collective Action to Study their Spread and Resilience Over Time and Space” is on Youtube. 
  • Opinion article: Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen: herkansing voor de erkenning van de actieve burger?
    In een opinieartikel in de Volkskrant riepen Tine De Moor en Ton Duffhues (Rotterdam School of Management) lokale overheden op om in gesprek te gaan met actieve burgers die in hun eigen omgeving uitdagingen op het gebied van wonen, zorg, energie, voedsel en natuur aanpakken. Lees het hele artikel, inclusief de voorbeelden van Herenboerderij Wenumseveld, … Read more
  • Rules and sanctions in long-lasting fishery cooperatives, Double open seminar talk by Florian Grisel and Grant Halliday
    On 9 March, research team Institutions for Collective Action had a double open seminar. Grant Halliday, historian and research intern at RSM Erasmus University, gave an insight into the development of rules and sanctions in medieval and early-modern fishery cooperatives in Spain. Dr. Florian Grisel, associate professor at the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, complemented … Read more
  • Launch of the CollectieveKracht platform for citizen cooperatives
    How do scientists use their knowledge to solve problems faced by today’s citizen collectives? How do policy makers reflect on the collectives’ challenges? And where do financiers come into the picture? The answers to these questions and more were discussed in a livecast on 11 February 2022. This event launched a new, transdisciplinary knowledge exchange … Read more