Thriving community enterprise ecosystems – SEWF

On October 10, Ondernemen met je Buurt organizes a SEWF Fringe Event and has invited Lukas Held from CollectieveKracht to participate in a discussion around thriving community entrepreneurships. He will shine a light on the commons movement and the role of the government. Also attending are: Tutku Yuksel, initiator of Thuis Wageningen, Caroline Gribner and Safka Overweel regarding funds such as Stichting DOEN and Katalys, and Martin Avila, explaining how the Scottish government created a welcoming environment for collectives.

From 9 to 13 October SEWF Week ’23 takes place, organized by the Social Enterprise World Forum. On the 10th is Fringe Day: a collections of related (and mostly free) events independent of SEWF.