CollectieveKracht receives Open & Responsible Science Award for Societal Engagement

Knowledge exchange platform CollectieveKracht, founded by research group Social Enterprises & Institutions for Collective Action, has received an award from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The platform provides citizen collectives with reliable, science-based knowledge to help them develop into more resilient organisations.

The jury choose CollectieveKracht as the winner of the EUR Open & Responsible Science Award in the category Societal Engagement. ‘CollectieveKracht’s community-building efforts emphasised sustainability and involved various stakeholders, providing valuable access to big data.’

The awards are an initiative of Erasmus University Rotterdam to recognise special projects and contributions within the institution in the field of open science, open education and social involvement. 

Photo by Arie Kers. From left to right: Dr Abby Onencan and Dr Maarten Boksem (award presenters), Tessa Moolenaar (communications officer CollectieveKracht), Benjamin al Salehy (platform and event coordinator CollectieveKracht).