Affiliate researcher: Íñigo Ena Sanjuán

We are happy to announce that Íñigo Ena Sanjuán has aligned with the research group Social Enterprises and Institutions for Collective Action as an affiliate researcher. He is a Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow at the Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany) and Associate Researcher in the ERC Consolidator Grant ‘IberLAND‘. For the latter, Íñigo Ena Sanjuán organizes the summer lecture series ‘Between Eden and Fall: Common Land in Early Modern and Modern Western Europe‘. Find more information here.

“The SEICA network presents a valuable opportunity to connect with colleagues who are addressing collective action issues and share perspectives, methodologies, and findings. SEICA offers a platform for scholars from diverse fields to collaborate in addressing social, economic, and ecological challenges.”

Rotterdamlezing by Tine De Moor – How value becomes resilient: building the community economy in Rotterdam

On May 13, Tine De Moor, professor of Social Enterprises and Institutions for Collective Action at Rotterdam School of Management, explored the value of citizen collectives during this year’s Rotterdamlezing. Are they the missing link between citizens and government? In the ever inspiring Arminiuskerk, Tine De Moor takes you on a journey through Rotterdam’s past to a distant future, which may become even more local than before. The recording of the lecture is now available with English subtitles.

“Rotterdam citizen collectives differ in some ways from the rest of the country. For instance, in our city there is a much greater emphasis on collectives targeting lower income categories and providing a solution in the social sector.”

Read more about the 20th edition of the Rotterdamlezing.

Lecture series ‘Between Eden and the Fall’

Between April 23 and June 18, the project IberLAND hosts the lecture series ‘Between Eden and Fall: Common Land in Early Modern and Modern Western Europe‘. This series aims to provide an overview of common land in the early modern and modern ages in several Western European regions through the work of five senior researchers in the field, who will deliver their lectures every two weeks, followed by discussions.

The lectures take place every other week, between 18:00 and 20:00 CEST and will be broadcast via Zoom. Prior registration is required through this link.

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Join our department as a PhD candidate

If you hope to become a researcher in the field of Sustainability and Management, then this is your chance! Apply now for a fully funded PhD position with our department Business-Society Management. The application deadline is May 15, so be sure to act quickly.

We welcome those who are eager to learn how organizations and businesses can be key drivers of social change and sustainable development. Are you, for example, interested in institutions for collective action and alternative organizational and governance forms? Do you have a master’s degree in business studies, management studies, sociology, economics, psychology, or a related discipline?

Affiliate researcher: Taneli Vaskelainen

We are happy to announce that dr. Taneli Vaskelainen has aligned with the research group Social Enterprises and Institutions for Collective Action as an affiliate researcher. 

Dr. Taneli Vaskelainen is a university researcher of Sustainable Economy and Cooperatives at Ruralia Institute, University of Helsinki (Finland).

“I am delighted to join SEICA as an affiliate because its researchers share my enthusiasm to examine and empower communities as they try to provide solutions to grand challenges that vex humankind. I also appreciate highly the methodological ambition and wide historical perspective that is characteristic of the research group.”

Open seminar talk: Arjan van Dorsselaer (UU)

In our open seminar, Arjan van Dorsselaer presented his paper ‘Developing Social Entrepreneurial Ecosystems by Scaling through Community Capitals: a Systematic Literature Review’. Arjan, who is a doctoral researcher at the Utrecht University School of Economics and School of Governance, utilizes the Community Capital Framework to explore the role of communities in the ecosystems around social enterprises. By employing the community lens, he wants to learn more about the scaling strategies of social entrepreneurs to gain more societal impact. During a lively discussion, the attendees shared their insights on the topic.

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Professor Tine De Moor will give annual Rotterdam lecture

On May 13, professor Tine De Moor from the Rotterdam School of Management will give this year’s Rotterdamlezing. This is the annual gift to the city, on behalf of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus Trust Fund. The lecture is titled: ‘How value becomes resilient. Building the community economy in Rotterdam‘.

The lecture will be given in Dutch. The lecture takes place in Debate Podium Arminius, Rotterdam, from 7.30pm until 10:00pm. Entrance is free, but reservation required.

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PhD Defence Damion Bunders about resilience of platform cooperatives

On March 15, Damion Bunders successfully defended his PhD thesis titled: ‘Gigs of their Own: Can platform cooperatives become resilient?‘ The dissertation is about platform cooperatives as an alternative form of organisation where gig workers own and manage a digital platform collectively. It includes an analysis of the challenges these cooperatives face to better understand the conditions under which they could become resilient organisations.

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Book about consumer cooperatives presented

On 8 March, drs. Pieter Steenbergen presented his book ‘Van ons, voor ons’ (By us, for us. Subtitle: 150 years of resilience of consumer cooperative Coop). The book presentation marks the end of a research project at the SEICA research group to the history of consumer cooperatives in the Netherlands. It also heralds the disappearance of the name Coop from the Dutch cityscapes, because of the merger between the Plus and Coop supermarkets into the new cooperative Plus U.A. The book is available online.

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